Best top load washing machine reviews


Top rated top load washing machines in 2015


To make washing of clothes easier, washing machines have been invented. This way, your pants and dresses will be washed faster. But how do you choose the best one which can maintain the quality of your clothes? Listed below are the top 5 of the best top load washing machine reviews.


Haier HLP21N Pulsator


The Haier HLP21N Pulsator washer is one of the best top load washing machines that obtained best top load washing machine reviews for its friendly user-interface and compatibility. It contains a 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub that can be loaded up to six pounds which could clean many clothes despite its small size. It is programmed with 3 different water levels and 3 customized wash cycles and electronic controls with LED indicators for precise control of the washing machine especially when washing delicate clothes. The Haier HLP21N is equipped with smooth-rolling casters that offer convenience when transporting the washing machine with ease.

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Speed Queen AWN432S


Best top load washing machine reviews

The performance of the Speed Queen AWN432S is incomparable with other top load washing machine in the market; making its name fitting for its speed and power. It is installed with a ½ horsepower motor with 8 distinct wash cycles and a 210 degree agitation stroke that symbolizes the impressive power and speed of the Speed Queen in cleaning clothes. It has a stainless steel tub that prevents the odor caused by dirty clothes to leak out of the machine. The Speed Queen’s speed and power, combined with its 3.3 cubic steel tub, is remarkably the best in the market.


Amana NTW4600YQ


The Amana NTW4600YQ’s Advanced Suspension System with a 700 RPM Max Spin Speed made it obtain a place at the best top load washing machine reviews for its speed and performance. It’s Advanced Suspension System that prevents the clothes from occupying one side of the machine with a 700 RPM Max Spin Speed that could clean clothes in a short time with ease. It has a special system that reduces vibrations made by the machine which reduces the noise made by the machine. The Amana NTW4600YQ is equipped with a cycle status bar and a porcelain basket that ensures the quality of clothes.


Amana NTW4700YQ Top-Load Washer


The Amana NTW4700YQ is known for its traditional user-interface and efficient performance that made it one of the popular top load washing machines. It uses a safe and reliable method to ensure the cleanliness of the clothes without compromising the clothes’ quality. It has 8 cycles and an Advanced Vibration Control that thoroughly cleans the clothes while reducing the vibrations made by the machine that would result to unnecessary noise. The Amana NTW4700YQ is programmed with an Automatic Temperature Control that automatically adjusts the temperature to assure the quality of the clothes without compromising the cleaning quality of the machine.


Samsung WF405ATPAWR washer


The leading manufacturer of washing machine, Samsung, created another exceptional quality top load washing machine called the Samsung WF405ATPAWR washer. The WF405ATPAWR washer has a maximum spinning power of 1100 RPM that effectively removes dirt and odor while strengthening the fabric of the clothes. The Vibration Reduction Technology reduces the vibration produced by the washing machine which causes unnecessary noises. It contains a PowerFoam technology that uses more foams and less water to effectively clean clothes while conserving water. The Samsung WF405ATPA is a superior top load washing machine than any other in the market for its efficiency and power.