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Top rated Crossbows in 2015


Since time immemorial, hunting has been the only remarkable sport either for profit or food. But in order to spend a quality time on the hunting ground, it’s essential that you are well equipped with the appropriate tools. Crossbows are the number one weapons in this regards. But finding the right package for you can be challenging among a wide array of crossbows available on the market. The best way to get enlightened is to rely upon the best crossbow reviews.



Barnett Jackal


It is rated as one of the best crossbow packages available on the market for its efficiency and perfect functionality. The contributing features that enhance its accurate functionality include a solid fast-detach quiver, 3-20-inch arrows as well as a premium red dot sight. It’s sleek in design and has a modern military-style and its durable synthetic cable and extra powerful wheels are the essence for which it’s ideal for hunting small and medium size animals in the woods. The stylish model is capable of shooting at a rate of 315 feet per second. With this hunter friendly crossbow, you experience a powerful 150-pound draw weight.

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Barnett Ghost 350 CRT


This is one of the most extraordinary crossbows presently available on the market. This package is known for its professional functionality and quality. This is the lightest production weighing just 7.5 pounds because of the carbon riser technology used in it. Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow removes its front end weight thus redirecting the centre of gravity at the stock end. As a result, it adds to the balance and protection on the hunting ground. To make your shot more precise, there are crosswire posts, whiplash cams and the highly effective anti-dry fire metal shot.

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Horton Vision 175 Scope


This one offers optimum efficiency and smooth functionality.  Ultra-compact in design and extra-silent in functionality, this model is reputed for its certain peculiar features that ensure your precise shooting experience no matter whatever the terrain you hunt on. To enhance speed, balance and stealth, Horton Vision 175 has come with Reverse Draw limb design. That’s why it’s able to set the proper perspective for desired results. A notable feature of this model for strengthening the hunting is its Frontal String innovation as well as a pro CNC riser with built-in cocking rope grove.

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Barnett Buck Commander CRT


Best Crossbow reviews

This sustains an exact blast set every time you use it. The limbs of this model are Barnsdale laminated. The Barnett’s AVI innovation has been utilized to diminish sound by 30% and obviously, it’s a great benefit for professional hunting. Barnett Buck Commander features certain typical but excellent facilitators like a rock-hard aluminum flight track, whiplash cams as well as powerful crosswire strings along with cables in order to provide a noiseless and precise shooting with the aid of exceptionally designed ADF trigger system. The best crossbow reviews put it among the best category of present day crossbows.

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Arrow Precision Blitz II


It is manufactured from aluminum and ideal for you irrespective of hunting or just target shooting without guns. Being made from aluminum, it’s literally lightweight and its aluminum made machine wheels are flawlessly linked with the synthetic rear shock integrated string system. This integrated string system lets you experience tightest accuracy and a speed limit of up to 185 feet per second. Blitz II Crossbow features 4×32 multi erectile scope that is literally frosting on the cake making itself your reliable companion on the hunting ground. According to the best crossbow reviews, it should come top to your choice list.

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